AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-03-23Added \!debug optionilbuonmarcio
2024-03-17update sdkver to 8.0.203Darvin Delgado
2024-03-02fix buildDarvin Delgado
2023-11-15bump sdk version to 8.0.100Darvin Delgado
2023-10-08set StartupWMClass to Ryujinx.AvaDarvin Delgado
2023-10-07bump sdk version & clean build cacheDarvin Delgado
2023-10-01some changesDarvin Delgado
2023-07-28fix buildDarvin Delgado
2023-05-08Forced use of downloaded dotnet .tar.gz instead of system one, fixing possibl...ilbuonmarcio
2023-04-30fix buildDarvin Delgado
2023-04-23fix build, bundled dotnet-sdk, remove runtime dep and some changesDarvin Delgado
2023-03-14update .SRCINFODarvin Delgado
2023-03-14fix buildDarvin Delgado
2023-01-08fixDarvin Delgado
2022-11-27AvaloniaUI (Experimental)Darvin Delgado
2022-11-14Moved to dotnet 7.0ilbuonmarcio
2022-09-15Reverted to *-bin packagesilbuonmarcio
2022-09-11Going back to official packages instead of *-bin AUR onesilbuonmarcio
2022-06-13Pinned sdk 6.0 until official repo package is availableilbuonmarcio
2022-04-24up to dateDarvin Delgado
2021-12-05fix packaging errorDarvin Delgado
2021-11-29using .NET 6.0Darvin Delgado
2021-11-15.SRCINFO updatedDarvin Delgado
2021-11-15temporary fixDarvin Delgado
2021-10-01small fixDarvin Delgado
2021-09-19Some improvementsDarvin Delgado
2020-11-26added dotnet v5 dependency (looks like at this time on the official repos the...ilbuonmarcio
2020-04-25Fixed pkgrelilbuonmarcio
2020-04-25Updated dotnet to 3.1ilbuonmarcio
2020-04-17Added proper pkgver as per suggestionsilbuonmarcio
2020-04-04Added desktop entryilbuonmarcio
2020-03-25Fixed log folder permissionsilbuonmarcio
2020-03-25Symlink fixilbuonmarcio
2020-03-25Regenerated symlink on updateilbuonmarcio
2020-03-25Fixed 'provides'ilbuonmarcio
2020-03-25Initial releaseilbuonmarcio