AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-05-02upgpkg: scribus-devel 1.5.4-1Bruno Pagani
2018-04-01Fix compilation with ICU 0.61.1Bruno Pagani
2017-10-27Fix build issue with poppler >= 0.58Bruno Pagani
2017-06-06upgpkg: scribus-devel 1.5.3-1Bruno Pagani
2017-03-04Bump for podofo rebuildBruno Pagani
2017-02-09Fix build with Qt 5.8Bruno Pagani
2017-01-11Remove graphicsmagick for nowBruno Pagani
2017-01-08Add PGP key descriptionBruno Pagani
2016-12-26Build with GraphicsMagickBruno Pagani
2016-12-26Fix wrong pkgbase useBruno Pagani
2016-12-26Improve PKGBUILDBruno Pagani
2016-05-23upgpkg: scribus-devel 1.5.2-1Bruno Pagani
2016-04-27upgpkg: scribus-devel 1.5.1-2Bruno Pagani
2016-02-29Initial upload: scribus-devel 1.5.1-1Bruno Pagani