AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2023-01-15upgpkg: sejda-desktop 7.5.4-1Thibault Molleman
upstream release Update to 7.5.4
2022-07-26upgpkg: sejda-desktop 7.5.3-1Thibault Molleman
upstream release upgpkg: sejda-desktop 7.5.3-1 upstream release update 7.5.3
2022-03-28upgpkg: sejda-desktop 7.4.1-1Thibault Molleman
upstream release update 7.4.1
2021-10-21upgpkg: sejda-desktop 7.3.7-1Thibault Molleman
upstream release update 7.3.7
2021-10-06upgpkg: sejda-desktop 7.3.6-1Thibault Molleman
upstream release update 7.3.6
2021-06-22upgpkg: sejda-desktop 7.3.2-1Thibault Molleman
upstream release update 7.3.2
2021-05-19upgpkg: sejda-desktop 7.2.1-2Thibault Molleman
Fix pkgbuild
2021-05-17Forget to increase pkgrelThibault Molleman
2021-05-17upgpkg: sejda-desktop 7.2.1-1Thibault Molleman
upstream release removed line that messed with the build system variables. Fixes Trizen building
2021-04-02upgpkg: sejda-desktop 7.2.1-1Thibault Molleman
upstream release added my name to the contributors list
2021-04-02upgpkg: sejda-desktop 7.2.1-1Thibault Molleman
upstream release update to 7.2.1
2021-02-20upgpkg: sejda-desktop 7.1.9-1Thibault Molleman
upstream release update to 7.1.9
2020-12-20upgpkg: sejda-desktop 7.1.6-1Thibault Molleman
upstream release Updated Sejda-desktop to 7.1.6
2020-12-09upgpkg: sejda-desktop 7.1.5-1Thibault Molleman
upstream release updated Sejda and added gconf as dependancy
2020-10-17autu: Update to 7.0.9-1Chris Severance
2020-07-08Forgot to update scrinfoThibault Molleman
2020-07-08Updated to 7.0.8Thibault Molleman
2020-06-27autu: Update to 7.0.6-1Chris Severance
2020-03-12autu: Update to 6.0.6-1Chris Severance
2020-03-12autu: Update to 6.0.6-1Chris Severance
2019-06-265.3.5 updateFrederic Bezies
2019-06-21June 21st, 2019 updateFrederic Bezies
2019-02-20Fixed PKGBUILD thanks to Jamesan's commentFrederic Bezies
2019-02-135.2.7 updateFrederic Bezies
2019-01-315.2.6 updateFrederic Bezies
2019-01-275.2.3 updateFrederic Bezies
2018-12-175.2.0 updateFrederic Bezies
2018-11-225.1.2 updateFrederic Bezies
2018-10-275.0.2 updateFrederic Bezies
2018-09-304.5.2 updateFrederic Bezies
2018-08-014.5.0 updateFrederic Bezies
2018-07-204.4.1 updateFrederic Bezies
2018-06-214.3.1 updateFrederic Bezies
2018-06-134.3.0 updateFrederic Bezies
2018-05-244.1.0 updateFrederic Bezies
2018-04-243.4.0 updateFrederic Bezies
2018-04-163.3.3 updateFrederic Bezies
2018-03-043.3.2 updateFrederic Bezies
2018-01-233.3.0 updateFrederic Bezies
2017-12-223.2.5 updateFrederic Bezies
2017-11-263.2.1 updateFrederic Bezies
2017-11-113.1.1 updateFrederic Bezies
2017-10-053.1.0 updateFrederic Bezies
2017-09-233.0.8 updateFrederic Bezies
2017-06-15Update to 2.5.10Michael Straube
2017-01-03first commitJonas Heinrich