AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-02-06The sheepit client source has been moved to gitlab, the PKGBUILD has been ↵John Turner
updated accordingly.
2020-09-16Able to run the client like a regular program rather than needing systemd. ↵Jturnerusa
Added tmpfiles conf file to auto generate the sheepit users home dir. Added a few more sandboxing options to the systemd service.
2020-09-15fixed .SRCINFOJturnerusa
2020-09-14Updated PKGBUILD, added sandboxing to systemd service, md5sums changed to ↵Jturnerusa
sha256sums, replaced sysusers home directory with systemd cache directory setting, added a few extra depends that are needed for headless use or were recently introduced(?).
2020-01-02Fixed version generationGeoffrey “Frogeye” Preud'homme
2019-09-13Changed build system ant -> gradle4Geoffrey “Frogeye” Preud'homme
Will be able to use gradle instead of gradle4 once upstream updates shadow dependency.
2018-10-28Remove occurences of /var/lib/sheepit-clientGeoffrey “Frogeye” Preud'homme
2017-04-30Update for 5.0Geoffrey Frogeye
2016-05-29Fix wrong service userGeoffrey Frogeye
2016-05-29Initial commitGeoffrey Frogeye