AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-08-04Use upstream sha512sum, and named packagesChris Kitching
2019-08-04Remove duplication of pkgver integer from PKGBUILDChris Kitching
2019-08-04Update to 0.7.0Chris Kitching
2019-02-09Verrry late update to 6.0Chris Kitching
2018-07-06Update to version 0.5.0Chris Kitching
2018-01-21Update for 0.4.7Chris Kitching
2017-10-25More accurate rantingChris Kitching
2017-06-26Bump srcinfoChris Kitching
2017-06-26Update to use upstream's versioned tarballs. Smooth sailing now!Chris Kitching
2017-06-25Static shellcheckChris Kitching