AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2022-12-18Update to version
2022-07-31Update to version
2022-04-20Update to version
2021-04-25Takeover and update PKGBUILDa821
2019-01-08Removed gcc6; added wgetStephen Martin
2018-05-25Fixed node issue; fix provided by ConorIAStephen Martin
2018-03-24Updated to use gcc6Stephen Martin
2017-08-15Fixed build error. Forcing gcc5Stephen Martin
2016-10-19Fixed nodejs compile issueStephen Martin
2016-02-23Bumped versionStephen Martin
2016-02-23Added /etc/shiny-serverStephen Martin
2016-02-23Updated PKGBUILD formatStephen Martin
2015-06-08Updated to aur4Stephen Martin