AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-08-26Include translationsnfnty
2018-07-28Use builtin `.desktop` file and define `SHOTCUT_VERSION`nfnty
2018-07-03Remove Qt 5.11 patchnfnty
2018-06-04Fix for Qt 5.11nfnty
2017-07-17Specify `CFLAGS` and `CXXFLAGS` for `qmake`nfnty
2017-05-03Add dependency `movit`nfnty
2016-11-07Fix desktop entrynfnty
2016-09-08Generate SRCINFO with `makepkg --printsrcinfo`nfnty
2016-09-02Qt 5.6.1 supportednfnty
2016-08-26Replace old `provides` and `conflicts` with new formatnfnty
2016-08-24Renamed `srcname` to `_srcname`nfnty
2016-05-31Use $url for $sourcenfnty
2016-04-03Disable qmake C++11nfnty
2016-03-25Move prepare() build steps to build()nfnty
2016-02-15Depend on mlt-gitnfnty
2016-02-15Refactor pkgver()nfnty
2015-09-19Add dependency qt5-websockets (2)nfnty
2015-09-19Add dependency qt5-websocketsnfnty
2015-08-19Replace mlt-git with mltnfnty
2015-07-26Use mlt-git temporarily until new upstream releasenfnty
2015-07-22Remove cutelogger patchnfnty
2015-06-19Patch melt pathnfnty
2015-06-19Add qt5 dependency for timelinenfnty
2015-06-19Initial commitnfnty