AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-05-13fixing small bug in the systemd service for sks-recon-localbrent s
2018-04-15oops againbrent s
2018-04-15oops.brent s
2018-04-15whoops. fixing some pathsbrent s
2018-03-09(silent seething)brent s
2018-03-09gorRAM IT.brent s
2018-03-09gorram fuckingbrent s
2018-03-08whoops, file conflict with sksbrent s
2018-02-28cleaned up, builds, etc. just requires a downgraded ocaml currently... :/brent s
2018-02-08pkgbuild (probably) done - CHECK FOR FILE CONFLICTS with AUR/sks!brent s
2018-02-08initial commit - in progressbrent s