AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-04-28Add libappindicator-gtk3 for tray iconMark Blakeney
2020-04-15Update to Blakeney
2020-03-18Update to Blakeney
2020-03-16Fix to allow building with ruaMark Blakeney
2020-03-05Update to Blakeney
2020-01-31Update to Blakeney
2020-01-30Update to Blakeney
2020-01-11Remove redundant MakefileMark Blakeney
2019-12-15Update to Blakeney
2019-12-12Update to Blakeney
2019-12-11Update to Blakeney
2019-12-05Change optdepends to org.freedesktop.secretsMark Blakeney
2019-11-14Update to Blakeney
2019-11-04Update to Blakeney
2019-10-09Update to Blakeney
2019-09-16Update to Blakeney
2019-08-28Update to Blakeney
2019-08-21Warn if kernel.unprivileged_userns_clone not setMark Blakeney
2019-08-20Remove setuid permission on chrome-sandboxMark Blakeney
2019-08-20Make shellcheck changesMark Blakeney
2019-08-19Update to Blakeney
2019-08-16gconf is no longer neededMark Blakeney
2019-08-13Update to Blakeney
Also, fix setuid permission on sudo chrome-sandbox, as I recently fixed for the preview version.
2019-07-22Update to Blakeney
2019-07-08Update to Blakeney
2019-06-27Update to Blakeney
2019-06-11Update to Blakeney
2019-05-30Update to Blakeney
2019-05-15Update to Blakeney
2019-05-03Update to Blakeney
2018-11-14Update to Blakeney
2018-11-08Previous change should cp px files, not mvMark Blakeney
2018-11-08Replace all 16px tray icons with 32pxMark Blakeney
Should fix corrupted tray icons. See
2018-10-25Update to Blakeney
2018-10-12Update to Blakeney
2018-09-27Update to Blakeney
2018-09-12Update to Blakeney
2018-08-29Update to Blakeney
2018-08-28Update to Blakeney
2018-08-17Revert glibc hack now glibc 2.28-4 includes fixMark Blakeney
2018-08-14Update to Blakeney
2018-08-08No need to extract glibc tarballMark Blakeney
2018-08-08Hack to use private copy of old glibc 2.27Mark Blakeney
Will remove this hack when the current bug with glibc 2.28 is fixed.
2018-08-04Update to Blakeney
2018-07-20Update to Blakeney
2018-07-03Update to Blakeney
2018-06-21Update to Blakeney
2018-05-30Remove gtk2 from dependenciesMark Blakeney
2018-05-23Update to Blakeney
2018-04-28Update to Blakeney