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2020-09-20patch 'os.h' to allow slurm to buildAlexis Janon
Following the removal of the 'sysctl' syscall in Linux 5.5, the GNU libc has removed the sys/sysctl.h header and associated function in version 2.32 (see the release notes: The 'os.h' file includes this removed header. This commit introduces the 'sysctl.patch' file, which removes the inclusion of the the 'sys/sysctl.h' file. The software seems to build and run fine without it.
2020-09-20Clean up PKGBUILDAlexis Janon
Removed unused commented lines
2020-09-20Update maintainer and contributor listAlexis Janon
2019-06-22upstream changed the tarballKyle Keen
2019-03-07fix shifty tgzKyle Keen
2015-11-210.4.3 updateKyle Keen
2015-06-13Initial importKyle Keen