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2019-05-29upgpkg: slurm-llnl Edenhofer
upgpkg: slurm-llnl-git
2019-05-06upgpkg: slurm-llnl-dev Edenhofer
upgpkg: slurm-llnl-git
2019-04-21upgpkg: slurm-llnl Edenhofer
upgpkg: slurm-llnl-git
2019-03-08upgpkg: slurm-llnl Edenhofer
Deprecate `` in favor of `autoreconf` which was made available in the recent -dev and -git release. upgpkg: slurm-llnl-dev upgpkg: slurm-llnl-git
2019-02-03upgpkg: slurm-llnl Edenhofer
upgpkg: slurm-llnl-git
2018-12-12upgpkg: slurm-llnl Edenhofer
upgpkg: slurm-llnl-git
2018-10-25upgpkg: slurm-llnl Edenhofer
upgpkg: slurm-llnl-git
2018-10-19upgpkg: slurm-llnl Edenhofer
upgpkg: slurm-llnl-dev upgpkg: slurm-llnl-git
2018-10-05upgpkg: slurm-llnl Edenhofer
upgpkg: slurm-llnl-git
2018-08-31upgpkg: slurm-llnl Edenhofer
upgpkg: slurm-llnl-git
2018-08-23upgpkg: slurm-llnl-dev Edenhofer
upgpkg: slurm-llnl-git
2018-08-15upgpkg: slurm-llnl Edenhofer
upgpkg: slurm-llnl-git
2018-08-10upgpkg: slurm-llnl Edenhofer
upgpkg: slurm-llnl-git
2018-08-03upgpkg: slurm-llnl-dev Edenhofer
upgpkg: slurm-llnl-git
2018-05-30upgpkg: slurm-llnl Edenhofer
upgpkg: slurm-llnl-git
2018-05-10upgpkg: slurm-llnl Edenhofer
upgpkg: slurm-llnl-git
2018-04-19upgpkg: slurm-llnl Edenhofer
Add 'pmix' to the list of optdepends as it is required to support Open MPI applications which use PMIx. upgpkg: slurm-llnl-dev upgpkg: slurm-llnl-git
2018-03-17upgpkg: slurm-llnl Edenhofer
upgpkg: slurm-llnl-git
2018-03-01upgpkg: slurm-llnl Edenhofer
upgpkg: slurm-llnl-git
2018-02-13upgpkg: slurm-llnl-dev Edenhofer
upgpkg: slurm-llnl-git
2018-02-08upgpkg: slurm-llnl Edenhofer
Relax CFLAGS further by stripping '-fno-plt'. upgpkg: slurm-llnl-dev upgpkg: slurm-llnl-git
2018-01-08upgpkg: slurm-llnl Edenhofer
upgpkg: slurm-llnl-dev upgpkg: slurm-llnl-git
2017-12-28upgpkg: slurm-llnl Edenhofer
upgpkg: slurm-llnl-dev upgpkg: slurm-llnl-git
2017-12-07upgpkg: slurm-llnl Edenhofer
upgpkg: slurm-llnl-dev upgpkg: slurm-llnl-git
2017-11-19upgpkg: slurm-llnl Edenhofer
Fix runtime bug related to the usage of a hardened build environment by removing '-z,now' from the LDFLAGS and CFLAGS environment variable. upgpkg: slurm-llnl-dev upgpkg: slurm-llnl-git
2017-11-11*.install: Instead of fancy `msg` use plain `echo`Gordian Edenhofer
Instead of relying on makepkg's built-in `msg` function simply use `echo` without any coloring or similar beatifications.
2017-11-01upgpkg: slurm-llnl Edenhofer
upgpkg: slurm-llnl-dev upgpkg: slurm-llnl-git
2017-10-29slurm-llnl: Add armv7h to 'arch' arrayGordian Edenhofer
Upon the request of a user and some preliminary testing amend the 'arch' array to include 'armv7h' as a working architecture. slurm-llnl-dev slurm-llnl-git
2017-10-29slurm-llnl: Add gtk2 to makedependsGordian Edenhofer
Despite not being required at runtime, GTK2 is still necessary for compiling the source successfully. slurm-llnl-dev slurm-llnl-git
2017-10-19upgpkg: slurm-llnl Edenhofer
* Cleanup bash code in .install * Replace `echo -e` with makepkg's internal `msg` function * Streamline commenting style upgpkg: slurm-llnl-dev upgpkg: slurm-llnl-git
2017-08-17upgpkg: slurm-llnl Edenhofer
upgpkg: slurm-llnl-dev upgpkg: slurm-llnl-git
2017-07-12upgpkg: slurm-llnl Edenhofer
Fix directory name which changed due to switching the source to GitHub. upgpkg: slurm-llnl-dev upgpkg: slurm-llnl-git
2017-07-06upgpkg: slurm-llnl Edenhofer
Switch source to the official GitHub page and update the schema for invoking `${pkgver}` accordingly. upgpkg: slurm-llnl-dev upgpkg: slurm-llnl-git
2017-06-26upgpkg: slurm-llnl 17.02.5-1Gordian Edenhofer
upgpkg: slurm-llnl-dev 17.11.0_0pre1-1 upgpkg: slurm-llnl-git
2017-06-07upgpkg: slurm-llnl 17.02.4-1Gordian Edenhofer
upgpkg: slurm-llnl-dev 17.02.4-1 upgpkg: slurm-llnl-git
2017-05-11upgpkg: slurm-llnl 17.02.3-1Gordian Edenhofer
upgpkg: slurm-llnl-dev 17.02.3-1 upgpkg: slurm-llnl-git
2017-04-10upgpkg: slurm-llnl 17.02.2-1Gordian Edenhofer
upgpkg: slurm-llnl-dev 17.02.2-1 upgpkg: slurm-llnl-git
2017-03-03upgpkg: slurm-llnl 17.02.1_2-1Gordian Edenhofer
upgpkg: slurm-llnl-dev 17.02.1_2-1 upgpkg: slurm-llnl-git
2017-02-24upgpkg: slurm-llnl 17.02.0-1Gordian Edenhofer
upgpkg: slurm-llnl-dev 17.02.0-1 upgpkg: slurm-llnl-git
2017-02-01upgpkg: slurm-llnl 16.05.9-1Gordian Edenhofer
upgpkg: slurm-llnl-dev 17.02.0_0rc1-1 upgpkg: slurm-llnl-git
2017-01-24upgpkg: slurm-llnl-* 17.02.0_0pre4-1Gordian Edenhofer
Remove unneeded entries from conflict field. upgpkg: slurm-llnl-git
2017-01-05upgpkg: slurm-llnl 16.05.8-1Gordian Edenhofer
Use https wherever possible in url and comment fields. upgpkg: slurm-llnl-dev 17.02.0_0pre4-1 upgpkg: slurm-llnl-git
2016-12-09upgpkg: slurm-llnl 16.05.7-1Gordian Edenhofer
Switch from http to https and from md5sum to sha512sum for additional security. upgpkg: slurm-llnl-dev 17.02.0_0pre3-2 upgpkg: slurm-llnl-git
2016-10-29upgpkg: slurm-llnl 16.05.6-2Gordian Edenhofer
Move pid files in systemd services to /run instead of using a subfolder. Skip the creation of /var/log/slurm in systemd-tmpfiles since the log location is /var/log/slurm-llnl and install the tmpfile to /usr/lib instead of /etc/ . upgpkg: slurm-llnl-dev 17.02.0_0pre3-2 upgpkg: slurm-llnl 16.05.6-1
2016-10-28upgpkg: slurm-llnl 16.05.6-1Gordian Edenhofer
upgpkg: slurm-llnl-dev 17.02.0_0pre3-1 upgpkg: slurm-llnl-git
2016-10-03upgpkg: slurm-llnl 16.05.5-1Gordian Edenhofer
Streamline systemd service files with upstream templates. upgpkg: slurm-llnl-dev 17.02.0_0pre2-1 upgpkg: slurm-llnl-git
2016-09-30upgpkg: slurm-llnl-git Edenhofer
2016-07-27upgpkg: slurm-llnl-git Edenhofer
2016-07-16upgpkg: slurm-llnl 16.05.2-1Gordian Edenhofer
upgpkg: slurm-llnl-dev 16.05.2-1 upgpkg: slurm-llnl-git
2016-06-30upgpkg: slurm-llnl 16.05.1-1Gordian Edenhofer
Delete slurm user after (!) changing the ownership of crucial files. upgpkg: slurm-llnl-dev 16.05.1-1 upgpkg: slurm-llnl-git