AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2019-06-20update to 18.2.9Alexey Stukalov
2019-05-29update to 18.2.8Alexey Stukalov
2019-04-11update to 18.2.7Alexey Stukalov
2019-03-02update to 18.2.6Alexey Stukalov
2019-01-31update to 18.2.5Alexey Stukalov
2019-01-18update to 18.2.4Alexey Stukalov
2018-12-21update to 18.2.3Alexey Stukalov
2018-12-20update to 18.2.2Alexey Stukalov
2018-12-06update to 18.2.1Alexey Stukalov
2018-12-02update to 18.2.0Alexey Stukalov
2018-10-02update to 18.1.5Alexey Stukalov
2018-07-19update to 18.1.4Alexey Stukalov
2018-06-11update to 18.1.3Alexey Stukalov
2018-05-16update to 18.1.2Alexey Stukalov
2018-04-27update to 18.1.1Alexey Stukalov
also back to sha1sum as it's the one published on
2018-04-14Updated package smartgit 18.1.0-1Muflone
2018-03-31Updated package smartgit 17.1.6-1Muflone
2018-03-31Updated package smartgit 17.1.6-1Muflone
2018-03-12Updated package smartgit 17.1.5-1Muflone
2018-02-06update download URLAlexey Stukalov
2018-02-03update to 17.1.4Alexey Stukalov
2017-12-09update to 17.1.3Alexey Stukalov
2017-11-18remove smartgit.installAlexey Stukalov
icon and MIME caches are now automatically updated by pacman Thanks to Muflone for the suggestion.
2017-11-16update to 17.1.2Alexey Stukalov
2017-10-26update to 17.1.1Alexey Stukalov
2017-10-13update to 17.1.0Alexey Stukalov
2017-10-13clarify licenses locationAlexey Stukalov
2017-08-09updated to 17.0.5Alexey Stukalov
2017-05-18update to 17.0.4Alexey Stukalov
2017-04-09update to 17.0.3Alexey Stukalov
2017-02-17updated to 17.0.2Alexey Stukalov
2017-01-30update to 17.0.1Alexey Stukalov
also require java-runtime >= 8
2017-01-17update to 17Alexey Stukalov
2017-01-16update to 8.0.4Alexey Stukalov
2016-10-15update to 8.0.3Alexey Stukalov
2016-10-15update tar.gz URLAlexey Stukalov
2016-10-01fix missing .SRCINFOAlexey Stukalov
2016-10-01update to 8.0.2Alexey Stukalov
2016-09-19updated to 8.0.1Alexey Stukalov
2016-08-31updated to 8.0.0Alexey Stukalov
2016-08-06fix missing .SRCINFO updateAlexey Stukalov
2016-08-06updated to 7.1.4Alexey Stukalov
2016-04-26updated to 7.1.3Alexey Stukalov
switched to sha1sums (to match Syntevo website)
2016-03-11update to 7.1.2Alexey Stukalov
2016-02-17update to 7.1.1Alexey Stukalov
2016-02-08update to 7.1.0Alexey Stukalov
2015-12-03update to 7.0.4Alexey Stukalov
2015-09-25update to 7.0.3Alexey Stukalov
2015-09-10Updated to 7.0.2Alexey Stukalov
2015-09-09Update to 7.0.1Alexey Stukalov