AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-01-03Update to
2022-11-12Update to
2022-09-05Update to
2022-07-29Update to
2022-03-14Version bumpRichard Neumann
2022-01-29Update checksumsRichard Neumann
2022-01-29Version bumpRichard Neumann
2021-12-17Update to Neumann
2021-10-28Update checksumsRichard Neumann
2021-10-28Version bumpRichard Neumann
2021-07-20Update to version 9Richard Neumann
2021-05-16Update to Neumann
2021-04-20Update to
2021-03-20Update to
2021-03-03Update to
2021-02-07Update to
2020-12-16Update to
2020-12-01Removed StandardOutput and StandardError from servicedNhax
2020-11-02Update to
2020-10-15Update to
2020-09-20Update to
2020-07-18Update to
2020-07-10Update to
2020-05-14Update to
2020-05-04Update to
2020-02-29Update to
2019-12-21Update to
2019-10-23Set java-runtime=11dNhax
2019-10-18Update to 8.0dNhax
2019-07-11Update to 7.9.1dNhax
2019-07-02Update to 7.9dNhax
2019-06-25Adjusted NPROC in sonarqube.servicedNhax
2019-06-20Update to 7.8dNhax
2019-03-23Update to 7.7dNhax
2019-02-02Update to 7.6dNhax
2018-12-22Cleanup, set permissions after upgradedNhax
2018-12-21Update to 7.5dNhax
2018-10-31Update to 7.4dNhax
2018-10-09Updated URL for zip downloaddNhax
2018-10-07Install SonarQube to /usr/share/webapps, configuration to /etc/webapps/sonarqubedNhax
2018-08-18Update to 7.3dNhax
2018-06-30Update to 7.2.1dNhax
2018-06-28Removing plugins before upgrade, hint for sonar.propertiesdNhax
2018-06-18Update to 7.2dNhax
2018-04-20Update to 7.1dNhax
2018-02-18Replaced fixed String with variabledNhax
2018-02-18Replaced fixed String with variabledNhax
2018-02-18Added example configuration for required sysctl valuesdNhax
2018-02-06Replaced mariadb with mysqldNhax
2018-02-02Updated to version 7.0dNhax