AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-02-25Update to v24.02.02.0Lucas Melo
2022-09-15Update to v22.09.10.0Lucas Melo
2022-02-17Switching from Google Drive to sonic3air mirrorLucas Melo
2022-02-16Forgot to bump pkgrelLucas Melo
2022-02-16Updated Google Drive download URLLucas Melo
2021-10-22Bump to v21.09.28.0Lucas Melo
2021-09-21Version and sha256sum bump.Lucas Melo
2021-05-13Updating to the latest version.Lucas Melo
2021-04-02Managed to drop gdown dependency by using curl magic.Lucas Melo
2021-04-02Added license and opengl-driver dependency.Lucas Melo
2021-03-30First commit.Lucas Melo