AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-04-10Update to spacenavd-0.8Dan Campbell
2020-11-20Make libx11 a required build depDan Campbell
2020-06-03Update package commentsDan Campbell
Update wording of previous maintainers for consistency with other packages.
2020-06-03Update SRCINFO for 0.7.1Dan Campbell
2020-06-03Update to spacenavd-0.7.1Dan Campbell
2020-06-03Update .gitignore for all build files.Dan Campbell
2020-01-08Update to spacenavd-0.7Jesus Alvarez
2019-12-03Install configJesus Alvarez
2019-12-02Update srcinfoJesus Alvarez
2019-12-02Remove i686Jesus Alvarez
2015-06-29Migrate to AUR 4Jan Hambrecht