AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-11-21Fix relase 1 (config.yaml file)Guillaume Dollé
Changelog: - Replace custom pkexec bin script with alias - Fix polkit script bin path - Update profile scripts with spack alias - all bin script are not moved anymore - Fix config.yaml install new behaviour (ignore last commit msg) Remark: - First install will require to reconnect to the session, or source the profile.d/spack.<shellext>
2020-11-18Update version 0.16.0Guillaume Dollé
- The config file /opt/spack/etc/config.yaml Indent needs to be fix from line 20-29
2020-09-06up version 0.15.4Guillaume Dollé
2020-04-24Up version 0.14.2Guillaume Dollé
2020-03-27Up version 0.14.1Guillaume Dollé
2020-03-11Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Dollé
2020-03-11Readd optdependsGuillaume Dollé
2020-03-11Readd optdependsGuillaume Dollé
2020-03-11update v0.14.0Guillaume Dollé
2019-12-26Up version v0.13.3Guillaume Dollé
2019-12-06Up and add tmpfiles @berquistGuillaume Dollé
2019-11-05Update metadataGuillaume Dollé
2019-11-05Update version 0.13.1Guillaume Dollé
2019-11-05Update version 0.13.0Guillaume Dollé
2019-10-13Add polkit usageGuillaume Dollé
Spack should be run as user (spack:spack). Changelog: - Add polkit config - Add spack user/group - Add script to run spack via pkexec (move origin bin directory to libexec) - Fix directory permission
2019-10-02Add PKGBUILDGuillaume Dollé