AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-12-23Fix permissions, don't install common licenseJean Lucas
2019-08-15Update deps; download source; install readme, licenseJean Lucas
2019-06-233.4.1Jean Lucas
2019-04-12Update dependsJean Lucas
2018-10-20Install from npmJean Lucas
2018-08-09Version bump to 3.4.0, quote pkgdirJean Lucas
2018-07-20Version bump to 3.3.1Jean Lucas
2018-05-15Typo in npm commandJean Lucas
2018-05-15Actually use the downloaded archive...Jean Lucas
2018-05-14Correctly enforce version requirements for Node.jsJean Lucas
2018-05-14Add upper limit to Node.js versionJean Lucas
2018-04-24Use 'find' to fix directory file mode bitsJean Lucas
2018-04-21Rename to stfJean Lucas
2018-04-10Initial commitJean Lucas