AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-12-02Python version updatezugno
2020-08-06Remove temporary python-mock dependencyzugno
2020-08-06Urwidtrees update: remove version change in prepare and add missing ↵zugno
dependency in community package
2020-07-30Update prepare function and optional dependencieszugno
2020-07-06Removed .python-version generating build problems with pyenv installedzugno
2020-07-06Update dependencies to version 0.11.2a0zugno
2018-12-15There is no need to set pkgbase, we are not building a split pkgKazuo Teramoto
2018-05-10Update to version 0.9.0aKazuo Teramoto
* Replace `python-geoip` optdep to `python-maxminddb` * Add new optdep `python-setproctitle` for pretty title inside tmux
2018-02-26Sync version of SRCINFO and PKGBUILDKazuo Teramoto
2018-02-26Change the version of urwidtrees in to >=1.0.2Kazuo Teramoto
The urwidtrees upstream official current release is 1.0.2, the one in pypi is an untagged release. For stig the only reason to use the 1.0.3dev0 is because of a packaging bug fixed in the git master of urwidtrees and pip, this don't affect us. This allow the use of the community/python-urwidtrees or the versions in aur. References:
2018-02-23Replace python-urwidtrees depKazuo Teramoto
The version on aur got updated, the git version is not needed anymore.
2018-02-23Bump versionKazuo Teramoto
This version includes bugfixes for aiohttp 3.0.
2018-02-23Remove unused patchKazuo Teramoto
2017-11-26Changed branch from dev to master.Kazuo Teramoto
Removed xdg patch, upstream changed xdg -> pyxdg. Added new optdep `python-pprofile`.
2017-10-20Change dep from `python-appdirs` to `python-xdg`Kazuo Teramoto
Upstream uses and `extra/python-xdg` packages Because it is only used to get the value of XDG_CONFIG_HOME and XDG_CACHE_HOME just patch the source to use the syntax of the one packaged in Arch.
2017-06-08Add `python-natsort` to dependsKazuo Teramoto
2017-03-16Add `python-geoip` to optdependsKazuo Teramoto
2017-01-26Follow `dev` branchKazuo Teramoto
2017-01-26Add gitignoreKazuo Teramoto
2017-01-25Initial commitKazuo Teramoto