AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-04-252020.4.0Emanuel Fernandes
2020-02-19bump version to 2020.2.1Emanuel Fernandes
2020-02-032020.1.2Emanuel Fernandes
2019-12-12bump version to 2019.7.1Emanuel Fernandes
2019-11-04update to 2019.6.1Emanuel Fernandes
2019-09-23update to 2019.5.1Emanuel Fernandes
2019-08-122019.4.1Emanuel Fernandes
2019-06-062019.2.1Emanuel Fernandes
2019-04-04update to 2019.2.1Emanuel Fernandes
2019-03-13drop support for i686 and update to 2019.1.0Emanuel Fernandes
2019-01-02add gendesk to makedependsEmanuel Fernandes
2018-12-28update to 2018.6.1Emanuel Fernandes
2018-09-23update to latest versionAlexandre Teles
2017-11-04Updated to version 5.6.3Monika Schrenk
2017-10-26Updated to version 5.6.2Monika Schrenk
2017-10-24Updated to version 5.6.1Monika Schrenk
2017-09-30Updated to version 5.5.1Monika Schrenk
2017-08-28Updated to version 5.5.0Monika Schrenk
2017-08-05Updated to version 5.4.0Monika Schrenk
2017-07-06Updated to version 5.3.5Monika Schrenk
2017-06-28Updated to version 5.3.4Monika Schrenk
2017-06-15Updated to version 5.3.3Monika Schrenk
2017-06-11Updated to version 5.3.1Monika Schrenk
2017-05-30Adapted checksumsMonika Schrenk
2017-05-26Updated to version 5.3.0Monika Schrenk
2017-02-12Initial import - version 5.0.1Monika Schrenk