AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2019-12-29Updated version (r190.aeb3f6b -> r280.0eeeca2)Kaare Jenssen
2019-12-24Updated description and maintainer infokaarejens
2018-03-17fix conflicts/provideshaawda
2017-09-16Updated version (r159.1a9f81b -> r162.936560e).haawda
Changelog ========= Fix pinentry. (936560e) Merge pull request #83 from ralt/pinentry (6263f5c) Add a pinentry module. (e4cff65)
2017-08-20Updated version (r152.8fbe071 -> r159.1a9f81b).haawda
Changelog ========= Merge pull request #80 from wiedzmin/master (1a9f81b) Merge pull request #78 from lboc/#72-modeline (9ae583b) searchengines: now browser can be changed on the fly (aa9f9f7) searchengines: define browser's traits as parameters instead of vars (7cf5937) searchengines: fixed package name (091bfc9) Remove non-functional battery module (8927caf) Update modeline org files to match code (066d354)
2017-08-05Updated version (r150.78509c5 -> r152.8fbe071).haawda
Changelog ========= Merge pull request #76 from wiedzmin/master (8fbe071) util: perwindowlayout: fixed spurious layout sticking/bouncing (82a599a)
2017-08-01Updated version (r149.afcac0a -> r150.78509c5).haawda
Changelog ========= Add swm-gaps module (78509c5)
2017-07-29Updated version (r147.085dc97 -> r149.afcac0a).haawda
Changelog ========= Merge pull request #73 from kriyative/feature-clipboard-history (afcac0a) Initial commit of clipboard-history (c25f6df)
2017-06-03Updated version (r145.d68ea9e -> r147.085dc97).haawda
2017-05-20Updated version (r144.43d2836 -> r145.d68ea9e).haawda
2017-04-11Updated version (r141.c10ab0b -> r144.43d2836).haawda
2017-03-18Updated version (r136.6af0e64 -> r141.c10ab0b).haawda
Changelog ========= Merge pull request #64 from lihebi/master (c10ab0b) Merge pull request #66 from PuercoPop/fix-notify (5656552) Do not use STUMPWM package to avoid symbol conflict (02c71a4) Typo: stmupwm -> stumpwm (0e8c854) fix temperature format as float (1a38d8a)
2017-02-14fix architecture and dependenciesStefan Husmann
2017-02-12initial uploadStefan Husmann