AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-10-23Version bump 2.1.0Ted Alff
2020-07-03Remove patch that reverted the pillow 7.0+ requiremenet now that it's in the ↵Ted Alff
2020-05-09Update .SRCINFOTed Alff
2020-05-09Version bump 2.0.2Ted Alff
2020-04-30Version bump 2.0.1Ted Alff
2020-04-24Don't use git revert, fetch the commit as patch as patch -R instead.Ted Alff
2020-04-24Revert commit that added the pillow >= 7.0 requirement until Arch updates ↵Ted Alff
the python-pillow package.
2020-04-21Version bump 2.0.0Ted Alff
2019-12-23Version bump 1.2.0Ted Alff
2019-05-24version bump 1.1.2Ted Alff
2019-05-19Don't need python-setuptoolsTed Alff
2019-05-19Add MIT licenseTed Alff
2019-05-19Install MIT licenseTed Alff
2019-05-19Initial commitTed Alff