AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-01-10update pkgbuild, fix file location errorsStephen Gregoratto
The pam configuration was unified for all supported OSs, and renamed to `pam/swaylock`. This commit also has a number of other fixes: - Adjust the pkgver method to use best practices - Remove pango dependancy, move gdk-pixbuf2 as a runtime dep. - Simplify meson/ninja commands. - Various stylistic changes.
2019-01-19remove wlroots dependencygilbus
2019-01-17update SRCINFO to trigger db updategilbus
2019-01-17fix pam_tally error, taken from i3lock-packagegilbus
2019-01-16add conflicts variablegilbus
2019-01-14Adapted PKGBUILD from sway-gitgilbus