AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-10-28Added maintainer infoVaargk
2022-10-27Change to correct version name in descriptionvaargk
2022-10-27Removed unused variablevaargk
2022-01-24Update to v2.5.1Martin Kröning
2022-01-23Update to v2.5.0Martin Kröning
2021-09-21Update to v2.4.5Martin Kröning
2021-06-26Update to 2.4.3Martin Kröning
2021-06-25Adapt to new 2.4.2 releaseMartin Kröning
2021-06-16Adapt to new 2.4.2 releaseMartin Kröning
2021-06-15Update to new releaseMartin Kröning
2021-04-20Update to 2.4.2-3Martin Kröning
2021-04-19Version 2.4.2-2 from rwthmoodleMartin Kröning
2020-10-19Update to 2.4.2Martin Kröning
2020-01-29sync-my-l2p 2.4.1-5Martin Kröning
2019-07-21Remove hicolor-icon-theme from dependenciesMartin Kröning
2019-07-21Add git as make dependencyMartin Kröning
2019-04-30Build package locallyMartin Kröning
2019-04-28Update to v2.4.1Martin Kröning
2019-02-04Cleanup, update to v2.4.0Martin Kröning
2018-02-07Adapt to Appimage, update to 2.3.0Martin Kröning
2016-01-15[sync-my-l2p] Bump versionJan-Erik Rediger
2015-08-01[sync-my-l2p] Bump pkgrelJan-Erik Rediger
2015-07-29[sync-my-l2p] Unpack correct fileJan-Erik Rediger
2015-07-08[sync-my-l2p] Use updated release filesJan-Erik Rediger
2015-06-09First commit in new AURJan-Erik Rediger