AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
12 days5.6.2Mark Wagie
2023-11-175.6.1Mark Wagie
2023-10-165.5.4Mark Wagie
2023-10-025.5.2Mark Wagie
2023-09-295.5.1Mark Wagie
2023-09-27revert updating to 5.5.0: beta releaseMark Wagie
2023-09-275.5.0Mark Wagie
2023-08-28add optional depMark Wagie
2023-08-26update .SRCINFOMark Wagie
2023-08-26Adopt packageMark Wagie
2022-08-17Updated to 4.4.3syntheit
2022-08-17Updated maintainersyntheit
2021-12-08Updated upstream URLTopik
2021-11-27Updated to version 4.0.9Topik
2021-11-27Added desktop fileTopik
2020-11-22Update to 3.7.7Dimitris Kiziridis
2020-09-10Update to 3.6.1Dimitris Kiziridis
2020-06-12Update to 3.5.4Dimitris Kiziridis
2020-05-15sanitize pkgbuildDimitris Kiziridis
2020-04-29Update to 3.5.2Dimitris Kiziridis
2020-04-04sanitize pkgbuildDimitris Kiziridis
2020-03-18fix yarn cacheDimitris Kiziridis
2020-03-11symlink fixDimitris Kiziridis
2020-03-11bugfixDimitris Kiziridis
2020-03-11bugfixDimitris Kiziridis
2020-03-11remove lintDimitris Kiziridis
2020-03-11remove lintDimitris Kiziridis
2020-03-10fix sha256sumDimitris Kiziridis
2020-03-10Update to 3.4.2Dimitris Kiziridis
2020-01-11Bump to 3.3.2Narrat
2017-07-19bump version to 2.9.0Samuel Walladge
2017-05-03bump version to 2.8.0Samuel Walladge
2017-02-06update to 2.7.0Samuel Walladge
2016-11-25update to 2.6.0Samuel Walladge
2016-10-11update run script with shebangSamuel Walladge
2016-09-12update to 2.5.0Samuel Walladge
2016-07-28update to 2.4.2Samuel Walladge
2016-06-17update to version 2.4.0Samuel Walladge
2016-05-17update to version 2.3.0, modify desktop file to use single exec command (for ...Samuel Walladge
2016-04-08updated to latest release, modified depends to use electron, refactored pkgbu...Samuel Walladge
2016-03-08npm is actually a makedependsSamuel Walladge
2016-03-08updated to v2.1.2, used bower install to pull in missing depsSamuel Walladge
2015-12-17updated package to version 2.0.4Micha Stöcker
2015-12-17added patch to make settings persistentMicha Stöcker
2015-11-06updated to v2.0.1Micha Stöcker
2015-08-23added updated .SRCINFO for v1.12.0Michael Stöcker
2015-08-23updated to v1.12.0Michael Stöcker
2015-08-23Initial import to aur4Michael Stöcker