AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-07-15Update to v2.7.5.Donald Webster
2021-06-19Update to v2.7.4.Donald Webster
2021-05-23Update to v2.7.3.Donald Webster
2021-04-24Update to v2.7.2.Donald Webster
2021-04-22Update to v2.7.1.Donald Webster
2021-04-10Update to v2.7.0.Donald Webster
2021-03-17Update to v2.6.10.Donald Webster
2021-03-17Update to v2.6.9.Donald Webster
2021-03-08Update to v2.6.8.Donald Webster
2021-03-07The old plexpy has been gone for ages, remove migration.Donald Webster
2021-03-07Cleanup PKGBUILD.Donald Webster
2021-03-07Update to v2.6.7.Donald Webster
2021-02-06Update to v2.6.6.Donald Webster
2021-01-09Update to v2.6.5.Donald Webster
2020-12-20Update to v2.6.4.Donald Webster
2020-12-19Update to v2.6.3.Donald Webster
2020-12-06Update to v2.6.2.Donald Webster
2020-11-04Update to v2.6.1.Donald Webster
2020-10-31Update to v2.6.0.Donald Webster
2020-10-03Update to v2.5.6.Donald Webster
2020-09-06Update to v2.5.5.Donald Webster
2020-07-31Update to v2.5.4.Donald Webster
2020-07-11Update to v2.5.3.Donald Webster
2020-07-01Switch deps to python.Donald Webster
2020-07-01Switch to python 3.Donald Webster
2020-07-01Gate warning on existance of old folder.Donald Webster
2020-07-01Update to v2.5.2.Donald Webster
2020-05-16Update to v2.2.4.Donald Webster
2020-05-01Stop changing ownership of /usr/lib/tautulli to tautulli:tautulli.Donald Webster
2020-05-01Update to v2.2.3.Donald Webster
2020-03-28Update to v2.2.1.Donald Webster
2020-03-08Update to v2.2.0.Donald Webster
2020-02-05Update to v2.1.44.Donald Webster
2020-02-03Update to v2.1.43.Donald Webster
2020-01-04Update to v2.1.42.Donald Webster
2019-12-30Update to v2.1.41.Donald Webster
2019-12-30Update to v2.1.40.Donald Webster
2019-12-08Update to v2.1.39.Donald Webster
2019-11-25Add SyslogIdentifier to service file.Donald Webster
2019-11-17Update to v2.1.38.Donald Webster
2019-10-11Update to v2.1.37.Donald Webster
2019-09-04Update to v2.1.34.Donald Webster
2019-07-27Update to v2.1.33.Donald Webster
2019-06-26Update to v2.1.32.Donald Webster
2019-06-24Update to v2.1.31.Donald Webster
2019-05-12Update to v2. Webster
2019-03-28Add python-pytz as depends.Donald Webster
2019-03-10Update to v2.1.28.Donald Webster
2018-12-01Update to v2.1.26.Donald Webster
2018-11-03Update to v2.1.25.Donald Webster