AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-04-04revert last commit, upstream fixhaawda
2022-03-30add a fix for a missing filehaawda
2022-02-09include commit into pkgver, remove patchhaawda
2021-01-19remove hackhaawda
2021-01-04minor changehaawda
2021-01-03Remove some lines from configure script (gnulib bug)haawda
2020-09-20new pkgver functionhaawda
2020-09-20simplify build functionhaawda
2019-09-29introduce epochhaawda
2019-09-25fetch windows-mutex.c from gnulibhaawda
2019-04-29minor fix in pkgverhaawda
2019-02-17pkgver rewritehaawda
2019-01-03add aclocal callhaawda
2019-01-01download hooks from, and provide texinfo-jshaawda
2018-12-02initial upload of git versionhaawda