AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-12-01fixed updateDavid McInnis
2015-12-01updateDavid McInnis
2015-11-25updated build()David McInnis
2015-11-25updateDavid McInnis
2015-11-13updated md5David McInnis
2015-11-13fixed sha256sumDavid McInnis
2015-11-13fixed problem with 404David McInnis
2015-11-11got rid of pdf forms, not appropriate for a LATEX packageDavid McInnis
2015-11-10finally got good sha256David McInnis
2015-11-10updated source= for better download nameDavid McInnis
2015-11-10modified source string to catch more than truncated fileDavid McInnis
2015-11-10updated checksumDavid McInnis
2015-11-10updated checksumDavid McInnis
2015-11-10first commitDavid McInnis