AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-03-14bump to 2024Sebastian Steinbeißer
2023-07-09bump pkgrelYichao Zhou
2023-07-09Use texlive groupYichao Zhou
2023-07-09Address feedbackYichao Zhou
2023-06-18Add 'texlive-basic' to the 'provides'Sebastian Steinbeißer
2023-04-18Add .gitignore & some small adaptations to preventSebastian Steinbeißer
2023-04-18Add suggestionsYichao Zhou
2023-04-18version bumpYichao Zhou
2022-04-04version bumpYichao Zhou
2021-04-08bump to 2021Yichao Zhou
2020-04-19bump to 2020Yichao Zhou
2019-11-10Add version to texlive-formatsextra to make some packages happyYichao Zhou
2019-04-03bump to 2019Yichao Zhou
2019-04-03bump to 2019Yichao Zhou
2018-11-17remove conflictYichao Zhou
2018-11-08add texlive-htmlxmlYichao Zhou
2018-06-09Fix typosYichao Zhou
2018-06-09initial commitYichao Zhou