AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-01-23Update to 8.0.1Victor Tran
2018-07-03Update to 8.0Victor Tran
2018-05-28Update to 7.1.1Victor Tran
2017-12-19Update .SRCINFOVictor Tran
2017-12-19Fix branchVictor Tran
2017-12-18Remove kdepimlibs4Victor Tran
2017-12-11Update conflictsVictor Tran
2017-09-12Add missing dependencyVictor Tran
2017-09-11Update to 7.0Victor Tran
2017-04-19Update to 6.1Victor Tran
2017-01-25Update to 6.0Victor Tran
2016-12-12Update to 5.2Victor Tran
2016-10-14Update to 5.0Victor Tran
2016-10-04Remoce qtchooser depencencyVictor Tran
2016-09-02Update some dependenciesVictor Tran
2016-08-30Update to 4.0 (for real this time)Victor Tran
2016-08-30Update to 4.0Victor Tran
2016-07-13Fix spelling mistake in PKGBUILDVictor Tran
2016-07-13Update to 3.0Victor Tran
2016-06-28Update to 2.2Victor Tran
2016-06-12Major update to 2.0Victor Tran
2016-05-01Update to 1.3Victor Tran
2016-04-03Update to 1.2Victor Tran
2016-04-01Fix LicenseVictor Tran
2016-04-01Fix Upstream UrlVictor Tran
2016-04-01Update to 1.1Victor Tran
2016-03-31Fix clang depencencyVictor Tran
2016-03-30Fix DependencyVictor Tran
2016-03-30Initial CommitVictor Tran