AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-06-16Added compat libs and added lib preloadkolorafa
2017-05-03Added old openssl library as dependancy to run it on up-to-date archkolorafa
2017-04-04Added flag that it conflicts with opencv2kolorafa
2017-04-04Update to resolve conflict with opencv package, don't update if you don't hav...kolorafa
2016-12-15Added old depkolorafa
2016-12-08/opt/timedoctorpro/ error while loading shared libraries: l...kolorafa
2016-11-29Version updatekolorafa
2016-10-04Updated versionkolorafa
2016-09-13Version updatekolorafa
2016-08-02Updated MD5kolorafa
2016-08-02Updated to
2016-05-15updated depskolorafa