AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-05-29Convert icon to png.Denis Kasak
2020-05-29Update SRCINFO.Denis Kasak
2020-05-29Add icon and desktop file.Denis Kasak
2020-05-29Update to 1.7.0.Denis Kasak
2020-03-28Download from githubSebastian Wiesner
2020-03-28Start maintainingSebastian Wiesner
2019-07-20update .SRCINFOGenki Sky
2019-07-13upgrade: To 1.6.0Genki Sky
2018-09-01meta: Update email addressGenki Sky
2018-07-19upgrade: To 1.5.7Genki Sky
2018-02-01update: To 1.5.6Genki Sky
2018-01-12Update .SRCINFO accordinglyGenki Sky
2018-01-12Update version, move to sha256sumsGenki Sky
2017-12-07cleanup: Update email addressGenki Sky
2017-10-13update: To 1.5.4Genki Sky
2017-06-04gitignore: AddGenki Sky
2017-05-08update: To 1.5.3Genki Sky
Also remove the not-actually-supported i686
2017-04-06fix: Follow package guidelines, update emailGenki Sky
2017-01-30fix: Point symlink to actual system fileGenki Marshall
2017-01-30fix: Follow package guidelines for Java appsGenki Marshall
2016-11-18Init repoGenki Marshall