AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
13 daystor browser bundle 9.0a2Mike Tigas
2019-05-22back to dev iconMike Tigas
2019-05-22update icon; update to TBB 9.0a1Mike Tigas
2019-05-218.5 release (bumping to release build until a new alpha/beta comes out)Mike Tigas
2019-04-21updated tor browser icon per Tigas
2019-04-20port over the locale-awareness from tor-browser aur pkg. clean up unused gpg ...Mike Tigas
2019-04-20update deps to accurately include gtk3Mike Tigas
2019-04-20fix metadataMike Tigas
2019-04-20Update package metadata (and run a .SRCINFO update)Mike Tigas
2019-04-20Merge branch 'tor-8.5a11'Mike Tigas
2019-04-19update to 8.5a11Mike Tigas
2019-03-238.5a9Yurii Kolesnykov