AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-02-09Update to 0.16.0sysroot
2021-01-27Update AUR packagesysroot
2020-12-13Update AUR packagesysroot
2020-10-02Update AUR packagesysroot
2020-08-05new version 0.10.2Luis Pérez
2020-07-31new package version 0.10.1Luis Pérez
2020-06-20fixing versionLuis Pérez
2020-06-20new version 0.9.1Luis Pérez
2020-05-27fix sha256sum and increment releaseLuis Pérez
2020-05-27new version 0.8.0Luis Pérez
2020-05-15new version 0.7.0Luis Pérez
2020-05-15new versionLuis Pérez
2020-05-09new version 0.6.0Luis Pérez
2020-03-24new version 0.5.3Luis Pérez
2020-03-05new version 0.5.0Luis Pérez
2020-02-25new version 0.4.4Luis Pérez
2020-01-31new versionLuis Pérez
2020-01-16new version 0.4.2Luis Pérez
2020-01-06new releaseLuis Perez
2019-12-24new versionLuis Perez
2019-11-19new versionLuis Pérez
2019-10-28new version 0.1.7Luis Pérez
2019-08-23new release v0.1.6Luis Pérez
2019-08-22updating name of repository and download urlLuis Pérez
2019-08-19adding to gitignoreLuis Pérez
2019-08-19changing to 0.1.5 releaseLuis Pérez
2019-07-08update new versionLuis Pérez
2019-05-31changing checksum from previous versionLuis Pérez
2019-05-31new version of trivyLuis Pérez
2019-05-31adding gitignore to repoLuis Pérez
2019-05-22updating to version 0.1.1Luis Pérez
2019-05-17adding .SRCINFO fileLuis Pérez
2019-05-17Initial commitLuis Pérez