AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2022-06-28Update r2045.fc16d6eTodd E Johnson
2021-12-16Bump versionTodd E Johnson
2021-11-30bump versionTodd E Johnson
2021-10-17Bump to get rel back to normalTodd E Johnson
2021-10-15Simplify name and add provides and conflictsTodd E Johnson
2021-10-15Update r1629.b3d1776Todd E Johnson
2021-10-15Remove make arg and commit updated trunk-recorder.serviceTodd E Johnson
2021-10-14Update systemd unit to new nameTodd E Johnson
2021-10-14Change build options. Need !buildflagsTodd E Johnson
2021-10-14Update version and options to try and disable tidyTodd E Johnson
2021-10-11Move back to master and add debuging to help troubleshootingTodd E Johnson
2021-09-19Use make install, move conf to /etc/trunk-recorder/config.jsonTodd E Johnson
2021-09-17Initial CommitTodd E Johnson