AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2019-07-12Update .SRCINFOChris Snell
2019-07-12Add otf-inter-ui package with OTF fontsChris Snell
2019-07-12Upstream release v3.7Chris Snell
2019-02-06v3.3 release; font name changeChris Snell
2019-01-10v3.2 releaseChris Snell
2018-11-29v3.1 releaseChris Snell
2018-10-25v3.0 releaseChris Snell
2018-02-20v2.5 releaseChristopher Snell
2018-01-24Bump to v2.4Christopher Snell
2017-11-29Bump to upstream v2.3Chris Snell
2017-10-27Bump to upstream v2.2Chris Snell
2017-10-13Bump to upstream v2.1Christopher Snell
2017-10-08Bump to remote v2.0Chris Snell
2017-09-26Bump to upstream v1.11Christopher Snell
2017-09-24Fix broken build due to upstream directory changeChris Snell
2017-09-23Bump to upstream v1.10Chris Snell
2017-09-20Bump to upstream v1.9Christopher Snell
2017-09-20Add conflict w/ ttf-interfaceChristopher Snell
2017-09-19Initial commit of renamed packageChris Snell