AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-08-29upgpkg: tuned 2.21.0-1Manuel Hüsers
2023-05-05upgpkg: tuned 2.20.0-2Manuel Hüsers
2023-02-18upgpkg: tuned 2.20.0-1Manuel Hüsers
2022-11-23Use unique file names for sourcesManuel Hüsers
2022-08-19Version 2.19.0Manuel Hüsers
2022-07-04Add missing python3 pycsManuel Hüsers
2022-02-11Version 2.18.0Manuel Hüsers
2022-01-19Version 2.17.0Manuel Hüsers
2021-12-13Trigger rebuild for Python 3.10 and fix PKGBUILDManuel Hüsers
2021-07-31Version 2.16.0Manuel Hüsers
2020-12-25Version 2.15.0Manuel Hüsers
2020-12-02Trigger rebuild for Python 3.9Manuel Hüsers
2020-06-26Version 2.14.0Manuel Hüsers
2020-01-14Version 2.13.0Manuel Hüsers
2017-12-11Added missing dependencyManuel Hüsers
2017-12-11Version 2.9.0Manuel Hüsers
2017-04-27Version 2.8.0Manuel Hüsers
2017-03-12New package sourceManuel Hüsers
2017-01-24Update to version 2.7.1Iwan Timmer
2016-07-13Add dbus-glib dependencyIwan Timmer
2016-01-26Update to version 2.6.0Iwan Timmer
2015-07-182.5.0.r6.ge32bd6b-1 updateTimothée Ravier
2015-06-09Imported and fixed from the AURv3Timothée Ravier