AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-01-03Forgot to modify .SRCINFOAngel de Vicente
2023-01-03Added backup option for configuration filesAngel de Vicente
2022-12-29Update to 3.0.2Angel de Vicente
2022-11-07Pkgrel bump: rebuild with openssl 3 (default)Hyacinthe Cartiaux
2022-09-26Update to 3.0.1Hyacinthe Cartiaux
2022-06-16Update to 3.0Hyacinthe Cartiaux
2022-02-08Update to 2.2.7Hyacinthe Cartiaux
2021-03-25Update .gitignoreHyacinthe Cartiaux
2021-03-25Pkgrel bump: java-environment>11 needed because of libjpeg-turboHyacinthe Cartiaux
2021-02-24Update .SRCINFOHyacinthe Cartiaux
2021-02-24Update to 2.2.6Hyacinthe Cartiaux
2020-05-29Update to 2.2.5Hyacinthe Cartiaux
2020-03-21Update to 2.2.4Hyacinthe Cartiaux
2019-10-10Update to 2.2.3Hyacinthe Cartiaux
2019-05-27Update to 2.2.2Hyacinthe Cartiaux
2019-04-22Pkgrel bump: really relax java requirementsHyacinthe Cartiaux
2019-04-08Update .SRCINFOHyacinthe Cartiaux
2019-04-08Pkgrel bump: relax java version requirementHyacinthe Cartiaux
2019-01-04Update to 2.2.1Hyacinthe Cartiaux
2018-10-01Update to 2.2Hyacinthe Cartiaux
2018-04-19Add missing dependencies (Thx @Bartus)Hyacinthe Cartiaux
2017-09-28Update to 2.1.2Hyacinthe Cartiaux
2017-07-02Pkgrel bump: compilation issue fixedHyacinthe Cartiaux
2017-02-13Update to 2.1.1Hyacinthe Cartiaux
2016-09-24Update to 2.1Hyacinthe Cartiaux
2016-03-25Update to 2.0.2Hyacinthe Cartiaux
2016-02-17Pkgrel bump: use httpsHyacinthe Cartiaux
2015-12-12Pkgrel bump: add jdk8 to the makedepends arrayHyacinthe Cartiaux
2015-12-11Pkgrel bump: use libjpeg-turbo (libjpeg-turbo-java modifications upstreamed)Hyacinthe Cartiaux
2015-12-04Pkgrel bump: depends on java-runtimeHyacinthe Cartiaux
2015-12-04Cosmetic change: retabHyacinthe Cartiaux
2015-12-04Update to 2.0.1Hyacinthe Cartiaux
2015-06-09[turbovnc] New maintainer infoHyacinthe Cartiaux
2015-06-09[turbovnc] Adopt and update to 1.2.3Hyacinthe Cartiaux