AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-10-07Update to 1.6.1GarboMuffin
2022-10-02Update to 1.6.0GarboMuffin
2022-08-16Depend on electron20 instead of electronThomas Weber
2022-07-23Update email addressThomas Weber
2022-07-23Update to 1.5.0 and update ElectronThomas Weber
2022-06-24Update to 1.4.0Thomas Weber
2022-05-18Update to 1.3.1Thomas Weber
2022-05-03Update .SRCINFOThomas Weber
2022-05-03Update to 1.3.0Thomas Weber
2022-04-13Update to 1.2.2Thomas Weber
2022-04-10Update to 1.2.1Thomas Weber
2022-04-09Update to 1.2.0Thomas Weber
2022-04-09Update to electron 17Thomas Weber
2022-02-21Update to 1.1.3Thomas Weber
2022-02-20Update to 1.1.2Thomas Weber
2022-02-13Update to 1.1.1Thomas Weber
2022-02-13Update to 1.1.0Thomas Weber
2022-01-29Bump pkgrelThomas Weber
2022-01-29Fix build when path has spacesThomas Weber
2022-01-29Use electron16 binaryThomas Weber
2022-01-15Fix indentThomas Weber
2022-01-15Update to 1.0.0Thomas Weber
2022-01-15Use electron16 instead of electronThomas Weber
2021-12-20Initial commitThomas Weber