AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
10 daysUpdate to 3.64.2Aaron J. Graves
2019-11-11Update to 3.60.15. Updates to the package overall to include menu entry for D...Aaron J. Graves
2019-11-01Updated to 3.60.11Aaron J. Graves
2019-10-17Updated to 3.60.9Aaron J. Graves
2019-10-16Updated to 3.60.8Aaron J. Graves
2019-10-15Updated to 3.60.7Aaron J. Graves
2019-10-08Updated to 3.60.6Aaron J. Graves
2019-10-08Updated to 3.60.5Aaron J. Graves
2019-09-30Updated to 3.59.17Aaron J. Graves
2019-09-24Updated to 3.59.16, added zenity as a dependency (required by AppRun)Aaron J. Graves
2019-09-18Added dependency on fuse to correct an issue identified in very rare cases wh...Aaron J. Graves
2019-09-17Update to 3.59.13Aaron J. Graves
2019-09-13Update to 3.59.12Aaron J. Graves
2019-08-23Update to 3.59.4Aaron J. Graves
2019-08-09Update to 3.57.5Aaron J. Graves
2019-08-08Update to 3.57.3Aaron J. Graves
2019-07-30Update to 3.56.0Aaron J. Graves
2019-07-21Update to 3.55.7Aaron J. Graves
2019-07-09Update to 3.55.4Aaron J. Graves
2019-07-09Update to 3.55.3Aaron J. Graves
2019-07-08Update to 3.55.2Aaron J. Graves
2019-06-04Upgrade local version, my upgrade didnt go well?agilob
2019-05-20Update to 3.52.1Aaron J. Graves
2019-05-11Updated to 3.51.0, new package install formatAaron J. Graves
2019-05-08Upgrade to 3.50.10agilob
2019-04-19Upgrade to 3.50.6agilob
2019-04-16Upgrade to 3.50.4agilob
2019-04-13Upgrade to 3.50.3agilob
2019-04-09Upgrade to 3.50.1agilob
2019-03-15Upgrade to 3.48.3agilob
2019-03-02Upgrade to 3.48.1agilob
2019-02-26Set correct licenceagilob
2019-02-15Upgrade package and skip integrity checksagilob
2019-02-10Upgrade clientagilob
2019-02-02Upgrade versionagilob
2019-02-01Upgrade shaagilob
2019-01-30upgrade clientagilob
2019-01-29Fix relative versionagilob
2019-01-29Upgrade pkg versionagilob
2019-01-29Update srcinfoagilob
2019-01-29Upgrade sha512sumagilob
2018-12-29set correct package versionagilob
2018-12-29upgrade srcinfo fileagilob
2018-12-29Remove pkgbaseagilob
2018-12-29Add pkgbaseagilob
2018-12-29Rename package nameagilob
2018-12-29Add initial commit with tutanota official desktop clientagilob