AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-12-28Updated .SRCINFO to 3.10.13-2Torben Nehmer
2021-12-23Fixed log4j JNDI vulnerability CVE-2021-45046Torben Nehmer
Fix the log4j security vulnerability CVE-2021-45046. This can be trivially exploited as remote code execution. Remove log4j's ability to do JNDI lookups entirely by removing JndiLookup.class from the package. See also:
2020-10-10Add depends on which.Donald Webster
2020-09-02Update to v3.10.13.Donald Webster
2020-05-22Update to v3.10.12.Donald Webster
2020-05-07Tweak description.Donald Webster
2020-03-12Update to v3.10.11.Donald Webster
2019-11-22Add override comment to tmpfiles.Donald Webster
2019-10-14Update to v3.10.10.Donald Webster
2019-10-09Update to v3.10.8.Donald Webster
2019-07-09Update to v3.10.6.Donald Webster
2019-06-12Update to v3.10.5.Donald Webster
2019-05-31Update to v3.10.4.Donald Webster
2019-04-20Update to v3.10.2 and update patch file.Donald Webster
2019-02-06Update to v3.10.1.Donald Webster
2018-11-20Update to v3.9.12.Donald Webster
2018-11-05Update to v3.9.11.Donald Webster
2018-09-25Update to v3.9.9.Donald Webster
2018-08-23Ooops, forgot to .Donald Webster
2018-08-23Update to v3.9.8.Donald Webster
2018-06-20Update to 3.9.7.Donald Webster
2018-04-17Update to v3.9.6.Donald Webster
2018-04-02Update to v3.9.5.Donald Webster
2018-03-16Switch to systemds tmpfiles.Donald Webster
2018-03-16Remove run of systemd-sysusers.Donald Webster
2018-03-12Update to v3.9.4.Donald Webster
2018-03-05Update to v3.9.3.Donald Webster
2018-02-24Update to v3.9.2.Donald Webster
2018-01-13Update to 3.9.0.Donald Webster
2017-10-30Fixing server.xml patching by nuking it entirely.Donald Webster
2017-10-30Update to 3.8.5.Donald Webster
2017-10-25Update to 3.8.3 actually.Donald Webster
2017-10-25Update to 3.8.2.Donald Webster
2017-10-03Update to 3.8.1Donald Webster
2017-09-20Update to v3.8.0.Donald Webster
2017-07-27Update to v3.7.3.Donald Webster
2017-07-21Update to 3.7.2Donald Webster
2017-07-18Update to 3.7.1Donald Webster
2017-05-19Add new patch file.Donald Webster
2017-05-19Move java warning to install, spew but don't fail.Donald Webster
2017-05-19Update to v3.7.0.Donald Webster
2017-05-19Remove usage of msg2.Donald Webster
2017-05-03Use >= for java-runtime and bump package revision.Donald Webster
2017-05-03Add .deb to .gitignore.Donald Webster
2017-05-03Patch off compression in server.xmlDonald Webster
2017-05-03Require java 8.Donald Webster
2017-03-27Update to 3.6.3.Donald Webster
2017-03-01Update to 3.6.2.Donald Webster
2017-02-18A little tweaking...Donald Webster
2017-02-18Revert "Run unifi-video as unifi-video user and group."Donald Webster
This reverts commit d34bb97adc03a96efe7869b86526970ffbf425e2.