AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-01-26Update emailRobin Candau
2023-01-16Add the extra CFLAGS into the associated env variableAntiz (Robin C.)
2023-01-12Bump to v0.1.3Antiz (Robin C.)
2023-01-03Little improvements to the PKGBUILDAntiz (Robin C.)
2022-11-28Bump to v0.1.2 + Add aarch64 support + Various improvements to the PKGBUILDAntiz (Robin C.)
2021-10-07Add libarchivebgermann
2021-10-07Update to libarchive-based 0.1.0bgermann
2021-10-07Change upstream und update to next versionbgermann
2017-10-04Update to 20140707 from Debian repositoriesHyacinthe Cartiaux
2015-06-09[unrar-free] Updated version (cvs command fixed)Hyacinthe Cartiaux
2015-06-09[unrar-free] PKGBUILD imported from AURHyacinthe Cartiaux