AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2015-06-08-git pkgver updatesJohannes Löthberg
2015-06-08Reformat PKGBUILDJohannes Löthberg
2015-06-08Clean up PKGBUILDJohannes Löthberg
2015-06-08Dump...Johannes Löthberg
2015-06-08Various stylistic housekeeping...Johannes Löthberg
Might change tabs to be 4 spaces tho..
2015-06-08urxvt-tabbedex{,-git}: Fixed install text and patch checksumJohannes Löthberg
2015-06-08$pkgver -git and modeline fixJohannes Löthberg
* Changed $pkgver of -git packages to "git" * Add missing modelines
2015-06-08Cleaned up some pkgver()'sJohannes Löthberg
2015-06-08did some shit, too lazy to split things upJohannes Löthberg
2015-06-08Updated email in Maintainer lineJohannes Löthberg
2015-06-08urxvt-tabbedex-git: Better pkgver(), fixed style and quotingJohannes Löthberg
2015-06-08Reindent with tabs, minor style changesJohannes Löthberg
2015-06-08Updated urxvt-tabbdex-git PKGBUILD to use Pacman 4.1 VCS support and apply ↵Johannes Löthberg
perl 5.18 patch The PKGBUILD has been refactored to use the VCS support in pacman 4.1, to not do everything in build() and to apply yardenac's perl 5.18 patch
2015-06-08Added urxvt-tabbedex-gitJohannes Löthberg