AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-19Correct version: 1.1 => 1.1.0.DDoSolitary
2019-02-19uppkg v1.1DDoSolitary
2019-02-18Fix packaging script.DDoSolitary
2019-02-18 Add git to makedepends.DDoSolitary
2019-02-18Fix build script.DDoSolitary
2019-02-18Fix sha512sums.DDoSolitary
2019-02-18Download tarball instead of using git.DDoSolitary
2019-01-27compile from source instead of using binary codeLin Ruoshui
2019-01-18correct LICENSE file pathLin Ruoshui
2019-01-18update to v1.0Lin Ruoshui
2019-01-14correct LICENSE file pathLin Ruoshui
2019-01-14correct license file permissionLin Ruoshui
2019-01-14add package v2ray-pluginLin Ruoshui