AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-03-23Updated upstream URLEvert Vorster
2022-04-03Fixed installEvert Vorster
2021-08-21Updated optdependsEvert Vorster
2021-03-29Version bump, and small fix to PKGBUILDevorster
2020-07-13updated installsevorster
2020-07-13fixes installevorster
2020-07-13small updateevorster
2020-06-18Add some wrappers to binariesevorster
2020-06-18Should work now. I should really test these thingsevorster
2020-06-18Stupid typoevorster
2020-06-18More standard installevorster
2020-06-17wiped out the engine, this package now provides the dataevorster
2020-06-17Added some patches for easier installevorster
2020-06-16More sensical version information. Using git revision for masterevorster
2020-06-15Initial commitevorster