AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-01-08Updated to v0.14.0LunarEclipse
2022-08-08Updated the descriptionLunarEclipse
2022-08-08Removed `systemd` makedep in favor of `udev`.LunarEclipse
2022-07-23Updated to 0.13.0LunarEclipse
2022-04-09Added cmake makedependencyMckol
2022-03-25Bumped pkgrelMckol
2022-03-25Removed conflict with self, removed explicit provides according to guideline...Mckol
2022-02-19Updated to v0.12.0Mckol
2021-12-11Updated to 0.11Mckol
2021-06-17Updated to 0.10.0Mckol
2021-04-05Added `pulseaudio-alsa` as a dependency.Mckol
2021-03-20Updated to 0.9Mckol
2021-02-06Fixed clean chroot build, now using upstream desktop entryMckol
2020-11-30Updated dependenciesMckol
2020-11-29Updated to Veloren 0.8Mckol
2020-08-15Updated to 0.7.0Mckol
2020-06-10Added missing python build dependencyMckol
2020-05-16Updated to 0.6Mckol
2020-02-03Updated to 0.5Mckol
2019-10-10Updated to 0.4.0Mckol
2019-08-11Quick fix of an issueMckol
2019-08-11Added dependencies, major cleanupMckol
2019-08-08Changed the package to build from source, binary release has been movedMckol
2019-08-08Moved the .desktop file and changed execution path to /tmpMckol
2019-08-05Fixed the .desktop file (hopefully for good this time)Mckol
2019-08-05Updated .SRCINFOMckol
2019-08-05Fixed checksums and other issuesMckol
2019-08-04Updated to 0.3Mckol
2019-07-12More fixesMckol
2019-07-12Added a workaround for launching issuesMckol
2019-06-24Initial commit, version 0.2.0Mckol