AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-03-28Updated dependencies and removed unnecessary mkdirPieterv24
2023-10-28Updated to 0.7.1 & did some fixes in pkgbuildPieterv24
2023-10-26update buildPieterv24
2023-08-14Change udev dir to /usr/lib/udevPieterv24
2023-08-06Fixed .SRCINFOPieterv24
2023-08-06Updated to v0.7Pieterv24
2022-06-09Updated udev rules based on suggestion by: philippePieterv24
2022-05-23Update to v0.6Pieterv24
2022-05-10Updated to 0.5.2Pieterv24
2022-04-19Added udev rules to packagePieterv24
2022-04-18Updated to v0.5Pieterv24
2022-01-06Updated to v0.4.2Pieterv24
2021-08-13updated package to v0.4.1Pieterv24
2021-07-19Updated package to v0.4Pieterv24
2021-05-25Updated package to v0.3Pieterv24
2021-04-02Initial release for Vial appimagePieterv24