AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2019-10-05CleanupJean-Marc Lenoir
2019-09-27Remove the check for server versions in EFI firmwaresJean-Marc Lenoir
2019-09-22Sync with vmware-workstation 15.5.0Jean-Marc Lenoir
2019-07-27Compatibility with Linux 5.3-rc1Jean-Marc Lenoir
2019-03-29Update to 14.1.7Jean-Marc Lenoir
Compatibility with Linux 5.1.0-rc2
2019-03-16Update to 14.1.6Jean-Marc Lenoir
2019-03-16Use xkeymap files from vmware-keymaps package to avoid conflicts with ↵Jean-Marc Lenoir
vmware-horizon package
2019-03-03Compatibility with Linux 5.0Jean-Marc Lenoir
2019-02-17Add VMware Authentication serviceJean-Marc Lenoir
2018-11-23Update to 14.1.5Jean-Marc Lenoir
2018-11-09Update to 14.1.4Jean-Marc Lenoir
2018-09-29Initial commit.Jean-Marc Lenoir