AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
16 hoursUpdate to 4.2.0-7923ple
2021-06-09Mark desktop file and CCryptoLib.conf as config filesple
2021-06-02Add extra id required by DVV to download URLple
2021-05-19Fix download urlple
2021-05-19Update to 4.1.4-7851ple
2021-01-09Update to 4.1.4ple
2020-07-25Update to 4.1.2ple
2020-03-04Update to 4.1.0 and change URLple
2019-09-20Version 4.0.20e-7247ple
2019-07-05Update to version 4.0.20ple
2019-01-31Update .SRCINFOple
2019-01-31Updated version to 4.0.18b-6995ple
2018-11-05Upgraded version, i686 support was removed upstreample
2018-07-10Updated to latest version, only use hashes provided by upstream and streamlin...ple
2017-01-09Update to 4.0.10-5712Atte Virtanen
2016-09-01Update to 4.0.8-5448Atte Virtanen
2016-06-03Update to 4.0.4-5355Atte Virtanen
2015-12-08updated to 4.0.1Atte Virtanen
2015-09-25more accurate upstream URLAtte Virtanen
2015-06-08initial importAtte Virtanen