AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-04-08Update version to 0.8.6Manuel Stoeckl
2023-03-11Update version to 0.8.5Manuel Stoeckl
2022-10-29Update version to 0.8.4Manuel Stoeckl
2022-08-28Update makedependsManuel Stoeckl
2022-08-07Update version to 0.8.3Manuel Stoeckl
2021-11-25Update version to 0.8.2Manuel Stoeckl
2021-10-17Update version to 0.8.1Manuel Stoeckl
2021-03-30Update descriptionManuel Stoeckl
2021-03-27Update version to 0.8.0Manuel Stoeckl
2021-01-03Update version to 0.7.2Manuel Stoeckl
2020-11-05Update version to 0.7.1Manuel Stoeckl
2020-07-05Update version to 0.7.0Manuel Stoeckl
2019-08-30Update versionManuel Stoeckl
2019-08-17Update .SRCINFOManuel Stoeckl
2019-08-17Initial commit, add PKGBUILD and .SRCINFOManuel Stoeckl