AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-27Bump to 1.5Gilles Hamel
2019-01-08Bump to 1.4Gilles Hamel
2019-01-02Change the source URL.Gilles Hamel
2018-01-07add python2-unidecode dependencyGilles Hamel
2017-09-20Update to 1.3Gilles Hamel
2017-01-11Forgot to update .SRCINFOGilles Hamel
2017-01-11Fix dependenciesGilles Hamel
2017-01-11Fix dependencies, add install messageGilles Hamel
2017-01-09Update to 1.2Gilles Hamel
2016-08-24A bit of cleaning in dependenciesGilles Hamel
2016-08-22install file removed, everything it does is now automatically handled with pa...Gilles Hamel
2016-02-16Initial importGilles Hamel